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we are a school, and childhood is our passion.

I have founded Matilda’s Lithuanian Weekend school for your children, as well as my own. I’d like our children to be able to think outside the box, have a broader understanding about the world, Lithuanian culture, language, and their own origins. Other than educating, we are bringing up the new generation of Lithuanians, who will form the future Lithuanian community in the UK. Hopefully at our school children will get the answers to questions, that they are shy to ask elsewhere and develop critical thinking, that helps them in their future endeavours.





Matilda Lithuanian School


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All the teaching material is guided by Lithuanian national curriculum and is specifically created for students that speak other languages. We take into consideration, that Lithuanian National Curriculum starts from the age 7. Hence, In the UK our children have been in school for a few years before they are 7 and so are more receptive to learning techniques Through day-to-day school. That said their proficiency in the Lithuanian language might not be comparable to children in Lithuania, so at MLM we will focus on bridging that gap. Lessons are suitable for various level speakers.

We can help if:

- Your child finds its uninteresting to learn Lithuanian language at home: -you have no time nor skills to educate them.

-You want your child to speak fluently and not be embarrassed when visiting family in Lithuania.

- You are looking for an additional and useful club for your child.

-You want your child to feel confident and knowledgeable about where he/she is from.
- You are thinking about moving back to Lithuania.

- linking your future to Lithuania.


Matilda Lithuanian School

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children and parents. Watch what they say.

Nothing is more important than early childhood education. Parents know that our passion is to foster a sense of discovery in children.
Knowledge is the best investment in children's future.


Matilda Lithuanian School
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The school is sponsored by the British Embassy.
The school is officially registered in the Republic of Lithuania. 
The entire curriculum is divided by age group by the Government of Lithuania. 
The school is sponsored by the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom.
In the future, the school plans to open a business programme for children.