About us

Welcome to Matilda’s Lithuanian Weekend School!

Our story

Hello, my name is Aiste!
Like every one of you, I am first and foremost a parent. I too hope and wish for my children to speak Lithuanian, to have Lithuanian friends. Me and my daughter Izabele often try and speak Lithuanian amongst ourselves, but she gets shy because of her accent, poor vocabulary and also the fact that no one else in her school speaks Lithuanian.
Therefor both of us decided it’s time to open our own Lithuanian School, where she will get a chance to meet children in similar situations to her.

Our goals

To be able to speak Lithuanian. Learn Lithuanian History Understand Lithuanian traditions. Boost children’s confidence
Our teaching methods will turn learning into an enjoyable experience, that will help your children learn through playing and socializing with their peers.
I will help your children, just as I have helped mine.

Our community

Lithuanian community has always been hugely important to me. Aside from my role in this school, I am a President at the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce for the UK. I have created and expanded Lithuanian Business Community in the UK. Therefor I’d like to repeat, that successful model and provide a platform for children’s community in West Berkshire. It is vital for children to be able to relate to their friends, share common experiences and learn together. I hope to help them build friendships for life and be proud of their origin roots.


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It is important to us that our school provides a safe learning environment for children, where they feel comfortable and secure.