About our holidays

All Souls' Day and All Saints' Day

Many parents wonder whether it is worth telling their offspring what All Saints' Day is and about its meaning and death. It seems to be a fundamentally negative day and topic, especially when living in another country where it means nothing and is instead celebrated with a lot of noise like a Halloween.

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The first school Christmas light goes on

I must admit that we, the teachers, and our pupils were excited. 

Since the opening of Matilda Lithuanian School, we have not only been diligently studying, but also responsibly preparing for the holidays, fostering traditions and Lithuanian identity.

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About our holidays

Lithuanian State Restoration Day (FEBRUARY 16)

Lithuanian State Restoration Day (16 February) At the beginning of the 21st century, the Lithuanian holiday calendar will include several dates marking the traditions of Lithuanian statehood. 6 July marks the Coronation of Mindaugas of the GDL - State Day. It reminds us of Lithuania's incorporation into the world of Christian Western states. 11 March marks our ability to break free from the grip of the Soviet empire in 1990, and 25 October, the day on which the new Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania was adopted by popular referendum, is a testimony to the legal foundations of the modern state. However, none of the above-mentioned festivals

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About your mother tongue

Lithuanian alphabet

The standard Lithuanian alphabet consists of 32 letters: Letter Name IPA A a a [ɐ], [ɑː] Ą ą a nosinė [ɑː] B b bė [b], [bʲ] C c cė [t͡s], [t͡sʲ] Č č čė [t͡ʃ], [t͡ɕ] D d dė [d], [dʲ] E e e [ɛ], [e], [ɛː], [æː] Ę ę e nasal [ɛː], [æː] Ė ė ė [eː] F f ef [f], [fʲ] G g g gė [g], [ɡʲ] H h ha [ɣ], [ɣʲ] I i short [ɪ], softness sign Į

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