What happened to the fact that Poppy Kake started sleeping in a kitchen apron instead of pyjamas, Daddy walked around with powdered eyebrows and Mummy and Grandma kept filling in shopping lists? They have discovered the fabulous pleasure of cooking!


This time, Kake Makė met a connoisseur of healthy food spells Indre Trusove and creator of inventive recipes Kristina Pišniukaite-Šimkiene.

The new friends of Kakė Makė told you not only how to make a delicious dinner, but also how to behave politely at the table and why electric kitchen appliances are not friends with water. And the most important part of the book is the 30 recipes!

Nutritious BREAKFAST for the heroes of the day, hearty SOUTH and DINNER for those who never lose their energy, healthy EATS for the true health-conscious and probably the world's most delicious DESSERTS with lots of fruit and berries for the fun-loving gourmets.


Cooking with children is not only possible but highly recommended!



  • What treats do animals like?
  • What are these legumes?
  • What monster lives in the kitchen?
  • How to decorate food to make everyone lose their minds?


  • Sandwich "Sweet potato pretending to be a bar"
  • Domestic fish fingerlings "Grasp by the fin"
  • Cupcake "Banana Holiday"
  • A very unexpected dish "Beef and courgette date at the kebab shop"


...and many more! So get your sticky fingers not only on the banana pancakes, but also on the pages of this book!

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